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Lanchester LD10 Water Pump Repair Kit (Late Type Seal)

Lanchester LD10 Water Pump Repair Kit (Late Type Seal)

There are 2 different seal arangements used on these pumps which are not interchangeable. Please identify which type you need before ordering.


This kit contains all the necessary parts to repair you water pump. All parts are brand new and the kit is comprised of the following:

- 2 Water pump bearings (correct original sizes)

- Water pump main seal

- Stainless steel finger washer

- Stainless steel water pump back plate

- 2 Water pump back plate gaskets

- Grease nipple (correct thread)

- Split pin for shaft nut


Please note that specialist tools are required to dismantle these water pumps. Items such as the drive pulley and internal impeller are cast iron and easily broken. The impeller will need refacing to a mirror finish as this runs against the carbon ring seal.

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