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Examples of our work

Setting New Standards

Daimler DB 18 Dingo engine reconditioned
Dingo engine recon_edited.jpg
Dingo engine recon (1).jpg
Centry Short engine for New Jersey (1).j
Centry Short engine for New Jersey (2).j
Daimler DJ Conquest short engine
Ready for despatch to the  USA
Lanchester LD10 engine reconditioned
LD Ten Engine reconditioned.jpg
LD Ten Engine reconditioned (2).jpg
FGJ865 with HM Queen_edited.jpg
FGJ865 in our workshop.jpg
King George's DB18 in our workshop
Working on the Green Godess at Browns La
Green Goddess engine.jpg
Working on the Jaguar and Daimler Heritage Trust's "Green Goddess" 
New parts for DB18 Suspension and Steering
DB18 Front Suspension parts (1).jpg
Range of engine parts
Beaulieu Autojumble stand.jpg
DB18 Front Suspension parts (2).jpg
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