Daimler DB17 King Pin Set (2)

Daimler DB17 King Pin Set (2)

All the parts in this kit are brand new and have been manufactured to original patterns.

This kit comprises of 2x king pins, 4x king pin bushes, 4x thrust buttons, 2x cotter pins,

2x grease nipples, 2x top cap washers, 2x intermediate cup washers and various sealing 

washers (see pictures).

This kit will replace both front wheel king pin assemblies.

There are certain parts in this kit which need 'fitting' to suit your car and certain 

equipment is necessary such as a reamer to ensure the correct fit of the king pin in the

bushes. Also the angle of the cotter pin may need to be altered to suit the vertical link.

This kit will fit all Daimler DB17 models with independent front suspension.