Majestic Major Suspension Ball Joint Assemblies (2)

Majestic Major Suspension Ball Joint Assemblies (2)

These spherical bearing/ball joint assemblies are a replacement for the original Daimler made items.

Problems occur if the original rubber seals have deteriorated which allows water to

penetrate the ball joint and cause corrosion to the steel ball which, in turn causes

excessive wear to the ball joint.

We have greatly improved this assembly by using a hard chromium steel ball and greatly

improved the design of the seals to allow greater movement and flexibility compared to

the original seal design. We have also remade a lot of the parts in stainless steel, again to avoid corrosion.

These assemblies are brand new and comprise of a hard chromium steel ball (corrosion

resistant), bronze cups, stainless thrust plates, stainless steel seal plates, new improved

rubber seals, stainless steel ball, end tubes, shims, new bearing assembly bolts and nuts. These are made to original specifications and are of the highest quality. These are British made in our own workshops and are supplied ready to fit.

This listing is for a pair of ball joint assemblies and these fit Majestic Major 4.5 litre V8

(DQ & DR).