Daimler DB18 Water Pump Seal  (later type 1946 - 51)

Daimler DB18 Water Pump Seal (later type 1946 - 51)

This is a brand new water pump seal and has been manufactured to original

specifications. It is a spring type seal with a polished carbon sealing face. The face of the

impeller must be re-faced and mirror polished to suit the carbon seal face.

These water pumps are quite complex and contain some fragile and rare components, so if you have any doubts in dismantling and repairing your water pump please view our

listing for a fully rebuilt exchange water pump.

This seal is suitable for the water pump fitted to Daimler DB18 models. 

Please be aware that there are 2 types of water pump with different sealing

arrangements.  Both pumps look identical but the 2 types of seal  used can only be

identified by dismantling the pump.